Mediterranean flour moth images, lifecycle, control, allergy, eggs

Mediterranean flour moth is a common pest found inside food containers, grain bins, and many food storages, transportations, processing, and distribution areas. They feed on grains and also contaminate it. They have pale grey bodies and grey striped forewings while the lateral wings are off-white in color. They are considered as enemies to food industries and different food… Read More »


As compared to other pests’ species, the boxelder bugs live with a concise life span, which mayextend to approximately one year.The nymphs come out from eggs within fourteen days. The wingless nymphs have to pass through various phases of molts, to go into shape of adult bugsas compared to nymph, only adult bugs are found to survive in… Read More »


An in-depth study on cellar spiders suggests that these spiders are harmless and incapable of biting humans. An urban myth exists regarding the poisonous capacity of these spiders that such long-bodied,scary cellar spiders are enriched with the deadliest venom. Still, they cannot administer this venom into the human’s skin due to their small and weak fangs. The same… Read More »

What do mealworms look like?

Mealworms are not worms; instead, they are the “toddler” versions of the elder black beetle and are attracted to the materials that are muggy, demolished, and fust. They are found in a cylindrical shape with dark yellow and brown lines all around their body. These insects are packed with six tiny legs and two tiny antennae. There is… Read More »

What is a Hobo Spider?

Hobo spiders, scientifically known as “Tegenaria Agrestis,” are the spiders that are often confused with the brown recluse spiders. They’re thought to be initiated from Europe in the 1930s and are now dispersed worldwide. These spiders are slandered as being dangerous. However, they’re not so dangerous as compared to other spiders. Many people think that a hobo spider’s… Read More »

What are Stag Beetles?

Stag Beetles, scientifically known as ” Lucanidae” are often called “Pinching bugs”: They’re considered as the striking insects mostly found in the United Kingdom. There are about 1,200 kinds of stag beetles in the family Lucanidae. These insects own a shiny black head and thorax with reddish-brown wings. They vary in size, such as male stag beetles are… Read More »