How to make a gnat trap naturally

| August 28, 2017

Learn how to make a gnat trap naturally? Gnats are often known as “nats” or “knats“. Gnats are small sized flies ranging in size from 1/8″ to 1/10″ in length. They have two wings and in terms of appearance they resemble more to a mosquito than to a fly.

A few stray gnats can quickly explode into a swarm in a matter of days. These pests can damage plants and cause a great deal of frustration. Even worse, if not dealt with, the population will only continue to grow.

Gnats are annoying: They quietly fly around, often just a few inches from your face, daring you to catch them. As a plant lover, however, the fungus gnat may be the most irritating pest of all. Though harmless to humans, fungus gnats can multiply rapidly in indoor plants, laying their larvae in the top layer of potting mix.

Gnats are nuisance pests because they just lay eggs, annoy people, spread diseases, and die. Gnats are weak fliers but they torment people and become quite a distraction in the workplace. Most species of gnats are attracted to carbon-dioxide just like horseflies and this is the reason you always find them flying around your mouth and nose.

Getting rid of gnats can be difficult and time-consuming because even though you can throw away the decaying fruit they are swarming on, the persistent insects continue to live in your home looking for other products to infest. They can also live inside the sewage drains, garbage cans, watered house plants and pet food bowls, making it all the more difficult to get rid of them.

gnat trap

Homemade gnat trap

Gnats seem to come out of nowhere one day your house is clear and the next you’re covered in a million little pests. They get in your eyes and nose and all over your food. The simplest way to get rid of those pesky critters is by making a homemade gnat trap. It may sound odd to immediately go with a DIY solution as opposed to a store bought repellent. However, making a gnat trap could actually takes less time and energy than driving all the way to the store, and make no mistake, time is of the essence here. A popular and effective home remedy to get rid of fruit flies as well as gnats is apple cider vinegar. They are attracted to its smell and quickly get trapped in it.

Diy gnat trap

Alcohol is equally harmful to insects as it is for human beings. Mix alcohol and water in 1:2 ratios. Fruit flies are strongly attracted by banana. You can make fruit trap by placing a banana peel inside a plastic container.

  • Place some fruit or other food items in a bowl.
  • Secure a plastic wrap over the top and secure, if necessary, with a rubber band.
  • Poke small holes in the top of the plastic wrap (with a toothpick, the sharp end of a knife, or something like that).
  • The flies are attracted to the fermenting fruit. They climb through the holes but can’t get out. When you see a few fruit flies in the bowl, just take the bowl outside, take the lid off and let the fruit flies go.

Apple cider vinegar gnat trap

Apple cider vinegar works as an attractant because of its strong sweet odor while the dish detergent decreases the vinegar’s surface tension so that when a fly touches the surface it immediately sinks and drowns. It’s particularly satisfying to see the collection of flies you have dealt with at the bottom of the glass. This has to be one of the best housekeeping tricks I have ever picked up.

Fungus gnat trap

Fungus gnats are generally small, often tiny, flies with long legs and long thin wings. You can get rid of fungus gnats without having to trash all of your plants. If the infestation is new, let the soil of infected plants dry out completely, which kills the larvae. If the infestation is beginning to grow, however, you’ll need to take more serious action. You could catch the adult fungus gnats using sticky paper, but that will not eliminate the larvae waiting to hatch. I’ve found a common, safe two-step home remedy (sidebar, right) that cures the entire problem. You’ll need sand; several small saucers; and a nice, fruity drink for the bugs, not you.

Vinegar gnat trap

Gnats are attracted to fruit going bad, garbage bins that need to be emptied or other such refuse. Take your bottle of vinegar and fill one or more small containers. (Try some plastic pop bottles) Cap the containers securely and poke some small holes so they can get in but will have problems exiting. A jar with a paper funnel set in the top will also work well as the critters will follow the glass up instead of locating the opening suspended in the middle of the jar. If you have multiple problem areas repeat the process until each spot has its own trap. Once all the pests are captured simply throw them out with the trash or pour them down the sink and follow up with some bleach to make sure they don’t come back.

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