Trimec classic mixing ratio, instructions, temperature range, application

The herbicide named “Trimec Classic“ was used for many years due to its stunning quality and long-lasting effect. The demand for this herbicide is again on the peak as the plenty of broadleaf weeds have increased. We’ve compiled all the relevant details regarding the Trimec classic mixing ratio, application, optimal temperature range, and instructions during this article. So, to… Read More »

Kudzu beetle Spray, Lifecycle, Bite, Swarming, Identification, Trap

Kudzu beetles are a type of bug and are often referred to as true bugs because they possess semi-membranous wings and piercing-sucking mouthparts. Many people confuse them with conventional beetles, but they can be differentiated from them due to their beaklike sucking mouthparts, while conventional beetles have chewing mouthparts. They are also called as lablab bugs, globular stink… Read More »

How to get rid of a nutsedge naturally? | Nutsedge VS Crabgrass

Nutsedge and crabgrass are the irritating weeds that are mostly found in your backyards and lawns. These nasty weeds will grow exponentially if not terminated initially. Therefore, for the prevention of such weeds, various tips and tricks need to be adopted. We’ve packed some detailed information consisting of nutsedge identification, it’s eradication, and its comparison with crabgrass weed.… Read More »

How dangerous are centipedes to humans?

Centipedes are not insects, although they belong to the family of Myriapods. They have elongated bodies consisting of many segments. Each segment has a pair of legs. The front-most leg serves as piercing fangs for centipedes by which they transmit poison into their prey. Centipedes are around 7 – 10 inches long, bearing dozens of legs. They always… Read More »