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How to treat stick tight fleas on chickens?

Stick-tight flea is also known as a hen flea or Echidnophaga gallinacea. It is an occasional pest by nature. Stick-tight fleas belong to the 2,500 known flea types in the Siphonaptera order. This species appears dark brown in appearance and measures up to 2 millimeters in length, half of the size of the common cat flea.  The hen flea differs… Read More »

Persimilis Size, Lifecycle, Breeding, Eggs

Persimilis, also known as Phytoseiulus persimilis, is a predatory mite. The persimilis mite was introduced accidentally into Germany from Chile in 1958; it was then, in due course, shipped to other parts of the world, including Florida and California, from Germany. A persimilis feeds on two-spotted spider mites, most often known as TSM, and various other spider mite species. It… Read More »

Anobiid Beetles Life Cycle, Identification, Damage, Treatment

Anobiid or powder pest beetles refer to a group of seventy species of woodboring beetles, categorized in the insect sub-family Lyctinae. The Anobiid beetles in addition to various other beetles such as spider beetles, deathwatch beetles, common furniture beetles, skin beetles, and others, constitute the superfamily Bostrichoidea. Beetles are mostly found in nearly all kinds of habitat, that… Read More »

Purple Orach Facts, Height, Seeds, Types

The word orach is derived; from the Latin word ‘aurago’, which means golden herb. Purple orach or Atriplex hortensis is commonly known; by various other names like Garden Orache, Red Orach, Mountain Spinach, French Spinach, and Sea Purslane. However, it is also referred to as a Salt Bush because it is highly tolerant of alkaline and saline soils. … Read More »

Urginea Maritima Uses, Care, Growing, Problems

Urginea Maritima refers to a species of flowering plant belonging to the family Asparagaceae and sub-family Scilloideae. It is also known; by various names such as sea onion, squill, sea squill, and maritime squill. However, sometimes the species is also termed red squill; due to the production of red-tinged flowers rather than white.  Urginea Maritima or Drimia Maritima… Read More »

Idaho Fescue Facts, Identification, Seeds, Uses

Idaho fescue is more commonly known as a blue bunchgrass. It refers to a species of grass, that is, Festuca idahoensis. This grass species is native to the regions of Western North America, spreading widely. However, in California, it is found most often in the Coast Regions and foothills of the Sierra, generally at 4000 ft and above. The Fescue… Read More »

Tarweed Uses, Seeds, Control, Treatment

Tarweed is also known as a tarplant. It is a common name for various plants belonging to the family Asteraceae of the Madieae. The plants belonging to the Tarweed category are usually less than 3 feet or 1 meter in height. This plant is branched, upright, and produced on an annual basis. The species belonging to the tarweed… Read More »