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Nightglow Diervilla Size, Care, Pruning, Bloom Time

The night glow Diervilla, also called Diervilla splendens El Madrigal nightglow, is an easy-to-grow shrub that grows well in many different places. It is renowned for its vibrant, bright yellow flowers and dark, deep burgundy foliage. Diervilla Splendens is a cultivated hybrid bush honeysuckle produced by crossing D. sessilifolia with D. lonicera. This deciduous shrub reaches a height… Read More »

Thunderhead sedum Size, Care, Blooming Time, Pruning

Sedum plants belong to the Crassulaceae family and are considered succulents that are simple to cultivate in most areas. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, making them suitable for practically any horticultural project. Sedum plants don’t need pruning until they’re out of control. Pruning sedum plants can limit erroneous development and, in some instances,… Read More »

Dazzleberry Sedum Size, Care, Blooming Time, Pruning

Dazzleberry Sedum sometimes referred to as Sedum ‘Dazzleberry,’ is a succulent plant belonging to the Sedum genus. This plant is a hybrid that was developed by breeding Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ with Sedum ‘Matrona. This plant is well-known for its low care requirements and its adaptability to a wide range of environments, from nutrient-poor soil to high temperatures and… Read More »