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Lemon Gem Marigold Uses, Care, Size, Seeds

Lemon gem marigold has lemon-yellow flowers that have a bold color. The flower type is daisies. The flowers grow at the end of the stems of the plant. The season in which lemon gem marigold grows is between spring to summer. You can cut the flowers easily and they will not lose their color. The ferny leaves of… Read More »

Acacia Cognata Limelight Growth Rate, Problems, Care, Pest & Diseases

Wattles are very well-known and commonly seen semi-deciduous trees that grow almost everywhere in Australia. Wattles, or Acacias, are Australia’s largest flora genus, owing to their incredible ability to resist harsh conditions. Despite severe winds, droughts, wildfires, and flooding, these hardy and tough inhabitants can thrive. They’re also great feature plants. Thanks to their dense, evergreen foliage. Acacia… Read More »

Ceanothus Skylark Growth Rate, Pruning, Size, Height

Ceanothus Skylark is a bushy and perennial shrub that grows clusters of cerulean blue flowers during late spring and early summer. The flowers are large numbers and are so well arranged that they cover the bush entirely and showcase a beautiful floral display. This perennial shrub serves as a favorite spot for birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds and is… Read More »

Olea Wilsonii Characteristics, Size, Growth Rate, Care

Olea wilsonii trees are popular and easy to grow shady evergreen trees. The beauty of this fruitless tree perfectly complements many landscapes. This variety of bare trees comes from the Manzanillo variety. Once rooted, it is drought tolerant and also resistant to fire and disease. They are multi-stemmed trees and are very impressive. Strength and adaptability allow Olea… Read More »