Martin’s surrender fire ant killer’s reviews, label, instructions, application

| November 8, 2020

If you want to acquire the best ant killer to get rid of the nasty pests especially, fire ants roaming in your lawn or garden then, Martin’s surrender fire ant killer will probably be the best choice for you all. Using this miraculous product will assuredly give you a sigh of relief and, you no longer will have to worry about those beasty fire ants.

We’ve packed all the crucial information about this pesticide product during this article. So you need to carry on reading further for more assistance.

What is Martin’s surrender fire ant killer?

As the name describes, Martin’s surrender fire ant killer is one of the high-yielding insecticide products prepared to kill the most common species of ants such as fire ants and harvester ants. This ant killer product contains 75% of an active ingredient named Acephate that helps in controlling the movement of ants. Once the ants come in contact with this poison, it will destroy their colonies within 48 hours. Martin’s surrender fire ant killer has the worst odor but it works well in banishing these tiny beastly creatures.

Martin’s surrender fire ant killer’s reviews

Well, people are content and satisfied with the working of this product. This product gives wonders according to those people who have used this ant killer product. This powdered pesticide not only kills ants but all types of pests due to its terrible and pungent smell. Besides the odor, this product is perfect for terminating all the household pests. All those people having gardens or trees in their homes must use this product to get rid of tiny creatures. Most people have rated 4.8 out of 5 stars in the rating section of this product.

Martin’s surrender fire ant killer's reviews, label, instructions, application

Martin’s surrender fire ant killer’s label

Before buying and using any product, you must read the label on that product carefully. It might contain some useful information that one should know. Some precautionary statements mentioned on this product’s label are listed below as follows.

  • You must not contact your skin, eyes, and clothes with this pesticide.
  • It might be harmful if accidentally swallowed.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or any sanitizer after handling this product.
  • Avoid breathing the dust while using this product.
  • Wear a full-sleeved shirt, full pants, shoes, socks, mask, and waterproof gloves while using this product.
  • In case the pesticide gets inside your clothes, discard all the clothing which you have worn while handling this product.
  • This product is toxic to pets and other animals.
  • Keep this product away from children.
  • Do not apply this product to those areas where water is present on the surface.
  • Waste should be disposed of immediately, resulting from this product.

Besides these precautionary statements, it is also mentioned that keep this pesticide in a cool, dry place and protect it from heat. Also, keep this pesticide in its original container. Do not transfer it to other containers. The weight of this pesticide mentioned on the label is 12 x 1 Lb.

Martin’s surrender fire ant killer’s instructions

If you want to terminate a large number of fire ants or harvester ants successfully, then you need to follow proper instructions and applications before using this effective product.

Now before applying this powdered pesticide to a particular place, make sure you have worn all the necessary clothing required. Keep this thing in mind that if you want the best results then, you need to apply this pesticide in the morning or late evening because ants are most active at that time. Once you have bought this pesticide product, now all you have to do is poke some holes. On the top of the can of this pesticide, poke holes with the help of any pointed equipment. Now, you have to sprinkle this poison in those places where the mound of ants is present. You can also use this powder without poking holes on the can. Just open the can carefully with a can opener and sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons full of this pesticide per mound.

Martin’s surrender fire ant killer’s applications

This fire ant killer is to be used in non-cropland areas like lawns, gardens, and under other decorative plants and trees. The effect of this unique powdered pesticide is long-lasting. You will see the visible effects of this pesticide after a few minutes of its application, as it will start to banish the ants in a short period. Within 48 hours, it will destroy all those ant colonies where it is applied. Note that a single can of Martin’s surrender fire ant killer of one pound can terminate up to 108 mounds.                         

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