What to pour down the drain to kill roaches?

| August 28, 2020

One of the hardiest and strongest pests on the earth are cockroaches. Cockroaches can live without food for up to a month; however, they do need water which is why these pests love to live in your drains and pipelines. These nasty pests can contaminate food, spread disease-causing germs, and can even cause asthma attacks. Cockroaches are often found in washrooms and kitchen drains where they have an excellent source of food and water.

You might have heard of bleach sprays, that pouring bleach down the drain can stop roaches from using your plumbing. Although bleach can kill cockroaches but pouring it down a drain may release toxic fumes, and can cause long-term damage to your system. A better alternative to bleach is to use any of the following methods to kill cockroaches naturally.

  • Close your sink stopper for a few minutes and then fill the sink. Remove the stopper and then allow the water to flow through the pipes to make them clean.
  • Run warm water through sink pipes for at least 3 minutes and then pour 3-4 cups of boiling water or hot water down the drain.
  • Use a mixture of baking soda and distilled vinegar to clean the pipes: pour ½ cup of baking soda down the pipe, followed by ½ cup of distilled white vinegar. Cover or close the drain for a few minutes, then pour several cups of boiling water down the drain.

So, as it turns out, that using bleach to keep your drains roach-free is absolutely a bad idea.

Do roaches come up through drains?

It’s not a new thing or uncommon thing to seek out roaches in your rooms where there are sinks and drains like a washroom, kitchen, or a laundry room. Because it’s very easy for these dirty bugs to enter your rooms by crawling through drain pipes and taps. So, yes roaches can come up trough drains very easily until and unless you discover a solution to prevent their path from arising through drain pipes. One of the easiest ways to get cockroaches out of your sewers is to make your sewers an unpleasant and inconvenient place for them to survive. Sewers that have food and water in them are suitable homes for these nasty pests.

What to pour down the drain to kill roaches?

Cockroach drain trap

Although a cockroach drain trap might be available in laundry aisle stores and can be very helpful. Instead of wasting money, you should try to follow these steps so that you can completely get rid of these dirty pests.

 Your most important goal should be to block all entry points of cockroaches.

  • First, try to fix leaking faucets because standing water attracts cockroaches, so cover the holes around the drain with plaster or cement. You can also use colored duct tape to quickly repair cracks.
  • Second, refer to all the holes in the wall. Use white cement or Paris plaster to fill in these holes
  • Third, look for gaps or holes around the pipes under the sink. Fill in these gaps with cement or Parisian plaster, and if the holes are larger, then consult a plumber.

By following these steps you’ll surely get rid of roaches and you don’t have to waste money for expensive cockroach drain traps.

Can cockroaches come up through the toilet?

Some cockroaches also can make a surprise appearance in your toilet because they can’t swim in water but can float on water. Cockroaches can close their respiratory organs when they’re in water due to which they’re ready to travel through water with no problem. So, you’ll expect some roaches at the beginning of your toilet and it also means even flushing them away is not any solution.While cockroaches can emerge from sinks or drainpipes, many of them cannot get through your toilet due to water. Even cockroaches that live exclusively in sewers will only appear in your rooms if there are some specs of food. So be very careful that you simply should have found the particular source of the roaches.

How to get rid of sewer cockroaches naturally?

If you prefer to avoid chemicals, then there are two natural, easy-to-use options: borax and diatomaceous earth (DE) that will surely be going to assist you to cope up with these nasty pets.

Borax mixed with a little caster sugar acts as a gel bait, attracting sewer roaches and then killing them. It is easy to find in many stores. This is one of the easiest methods to kill sewer cockroaches naturally.

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