What are Stag Beetles?

| September 9, 2020

Stag Beetles, scientifically known as ” Lucanidae” are often called “Pinching bugs”: They’re considered as the striking insects mostly found in the United Kingdom. There are about 1,200 kinds of stag beetles in the family Lucanidae. These insects own a shiny black head and thorax with reddish-brown wings. They vary in size, such as male stag beetles are 35mm to 75 mm long, whereas female stag beetles are 30mm to 50 mm long. Elder male beetles have enormous antlers like jaws, whereas female beetles have smaller jaws. The jaws of elder male beetles are not used for chewing of food; instead, they’re used for fighting over the locality and some female stag beetles in the breeding season. Stag beetles spend  3 to 7 years as a juvenile living in dead tree stumps and eating demolished wood. When these beetles reach their adult stage, they only survive for a few weeks.

Female stag beetles are often confused with the lesser stag beetle due to their wing cases. However, there is no need to get confused as female stag beetles own shiny brown wings whereas lesser stag beetles own matt black wings. Also, lesser stag beetles are square in look.

We’ve packed all the relevant details regarding the facts, life cycle, stag beetles bite, and their food. So, for the clarity of the purpose, proceed reading further.

What are Stag Beetles?

What do Stag Beetles eat?

Stag beetles are often seen to eat rotten fruits, demolished wood, and leaves. These beetles are attracted to sweet juicy fruits and use their tongue for drinking sap from rotten fruits. Melons, cherries, grapes, raspberries, and other juicy fruits are there eating priorities. Stag beetles do not eat with its jaws; instead, it uses its palps for eating. Its huge mandibles are only for fighting with female stag beetles and different localities.

Do Stag Beetles bite?

Yes, stag beetles do bite, but its bite has no long-lasting effect as the wound caused by its bite will heal within a few days. However, other beetle’s bite can cause harmful effects on one’s skin. Longhorn beetles and blister beetles are dangerous as they liberate toxic chemicals while biting, which creates sores on the skin.

As stag beetles own alter like jaws, therefore they can not generate enough force while biting any human. So, their bites cannot cause severe damage to human skin.

How long do Stag Beetles live?

Stag beetles are attracted to demolished woods; therefore, these pests prefer to live in rotten woodlands, orchards, parks, and gardens. Adult stag beetles keep on roaming in search of mates, usually between May and August. After mating, the female stag beetle is responsible for laying eggs, so she prefers a light soil habitat. Once the stag beetle turns to its final stage, i.e., the adult stage, it survives only for 1 to 2 years.

Stag Beetles life cycle

Like all the beetles, stag beetles’ life cycle also comprised a sum of four stages. The first stage is the egg stage, i.e., when a female stag beetle mates with a male stag beetle, she lays eggs under the rotten trees. The second comes to the larvae stage that occurs once the hatching is done. At this stage, the beetle eats a lot. It feeds on the juices of rotten wood. The third comes the pupal stage, where the beetle works hard with its transformation; it takes several years. The last is the adult stage, where the mini beetle is ready for its mission.

Stag Beetle Facts

  • The Stag Beetles are often known as “Punching Bugs,” which are considered as Britain’s largest land-lodging beetles.
  • They vary in size such that elder female beetles can be 5cm long, whereas elder male beetles are 7cm long.
  • The Stag Beetles have the ability to fly. Elder male beetles mostly fly in search of their mates, whereas elder female beetles rarely fly.
  • The Stag Beetles are beneficial for the garden as they eat demolished wood, which returns useful minerals to the soil.
  • The male stag beetle contains enormous jaws similar to the antlers of a deer. Female stag beetles usually have smaller jaws as compared to males.
  • The male stag beetle uses its jaws for battling with other territories. They don’t use their jaws for eating; instead, they use their palps for eating.
  • The stag beetles have an extended life cycle up to seven years from its egg stage to the elder stage. However, they cannot survive long once they reach their adult stage. They can survive only for 1 to 2 years once they reach their adult phase.

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