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Are crab spiders poisonous?

Crab spiders are one of the species belonging to the family of Thomisidae. They are short and wide-bodied animals. They have a flat body, bearing four pairs of legs. The first pair of legs are more developed and more prominent than the other three pairs. They usually walk backwards or sideways, and while walking, they only use their… Read More »

Mygalomorphae Facts, Bite, Size, poison

Migalomorphs or megalomorphs are the infraorder of spiders. The name comes from the Greek mygalē, which means “shrew”, plus morphē, which means shape or form. The older name of the group is Orthognata, formed from the orientation of the canines, which are directed straight down and do not intersect with each other (like the araneomorphs). In 1802, Charles… Read More »