Lemon Gem Marigold Uses, Care, Size, Seeds

| September 24, 2021

Lemon gem marigold has lemon-yellow flowers that have a bold color. The flower type is daisies. The flowers grow at the end of the stems of the plant. The season in which lemon gem marigold grows is between spring to summer. You can cut the flowers easily and they will not lose their color.

The ferny leaves of lemon gem marigold remain fragrant and do not lose their color throughout the season. The nature of the plant is to spread and it grows upright. Your garden will look elegantly textured and well-organized. Lemon gem marigold does not need maintenance. So, it would be a great addition to the gardens of those who are a bit lazy in gardening. 

There are no negative characteristics of this plant discovered so far. Deer would not like to feed on these plants as they will move on to the tastier options. Lemon gem marigold is best for the following:

  • Mass planting
  • Garden use
  • Container planting

Lemon Gem Marigold Uses, Care, Size, Seeds

Lemon Gem Marigold Uses

Lemon gem marigolds have numerous advantages. They are known for the versatility of their uses. Moreover, it is low-maintenance and can be grown in the gardens economically. Here is the list of the benefits associated with lemon gem marigold:

  • This plant can be used for flower arrangements and decor. They are dried and used as wreaths.
  • Skin inflammations can be treated with the help of a lemon gem marigold.
  • Medical conditions like hemorrhoids, skin warts, impetigo, and sebaceous cysts can be treated effectively.
  • Lemon gem marigold ointment is available to treat burns.
  • The sap of the stem is used to remove calluses.
  • Food colors are developed with the help of lemon gem marigold’s pigment from flowers.
  • If the lemon gem marigold is grown in the vegetable garden it can help to save those vegetables from pests.

Lemon Gem Marigold Care

Although lemon gem marigold does not require much effort and care. But still, there are some chances that mites might destroy the plant. Sometimes aphids attack the grown plants too. You don’t need expensive items to save your plant. 

The best home remedy would be to use a mixture of dish soap with added water. Spray it on the plant to eliminate the insects. After every 2 weeks, this process must be repeated as maintenance. There are rare chances that lemon gem marigold can be affected by a fungal infection.

The dampness can easily cause fungal infections. If you use well-drained soil to plant lemon gem marigold it can reduce the chances of the fungus. It is essential that planting the seeds should be a bit low. These plants can be grown anywhere and one can reap multiple medicinal benefits.

Lemon Gem Marigold Size

When the lemon gem marigold is fully mature, it grows up to 10 inches in height. The plant will spread up to approximately 6 inches. The plants should have a space of 4 inches if they are grown in masses. The foliage should remain to the ground specifically. 

The fast growth of the plant will live healthy for one year. For the next year, it needs to be replaced. It is best to keep lemon gem marigold under full sun or partial shade, which can also help in the growth of the plant. Moist conditions are suitable for this plant as compared to the standing water. There is no specific pH and the environmental salt does not affect this plant.

Lemon gem marigolds can fully withstand and grow in urban pollution. Outdoor pots can be used to grow the plant and they can be grown in the garden as well.

Lemon Gem Marigold Seeds

The majority of the online websites and nurseries sell lemon gem marigold seeds in the pack of ’20s. A paper seed envelope is used to store the seeds and transport them. The instructions for germination are written clearly on the package. It is a great gift for all those who love gardening.

An interesting fact about this plant is that it has been used as garlands on auspicious occasions in South Asia. Although there are no specific side effects, it is recommended that pregnant ladies should avoid using it for any purpose. On the other hand, it can prove to be an effective choice for many ailments.

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