Keitt Mango Size, Taste, Calories, Benefits

| October 9, 2021

Mangoes have been referred to as the “King of Fruits” and enjoyed all around the globe. There are various kinds of mangoes available including, Alphonso, Carabao, Sindhri, Haden, etc. Out of these kinds are the Keitt mangoes which have gained popularity among regions of California, Coachella Valley, and more particularly in Florida from where they originated.

It was back during 1839 when an Indian variety seedling named Mulgoba, was reported to be planted on the land of Mrs. J.N. Keitt in Florida, US. The fruit was later named Keitt mango in the year 1945 concerning their site of cultivation. Keitt mangoes are ovoids having a color of pale or dark green, seldom accompanied by a slight yellow blush also.

The availability of this fruit is short-timed, that is during the early fall and late summers. In the United States, Keitt mangoes are considered to be the juiciest and tasty mangoes.

Keitt Mango Size, Taste, Calories, Benefits

Keitt Mango Size

While a medium-sized ordinary mango is approximately 150 grams in weight, a Keitt mango is comparatively heavier. Its weight generally ranges between 2 to 5 pounds. This weight of a Keitt mango is due to the sufficient amount of pulp present inside. For this reason, this mango is said to be the largest amongst the Mangifera indica cultivars produced in the US.

Not only is this mango sizeable, but there is another thing unique about it. And that is, it is not as simple as is the case in ordinary mangoes to figure out whether a Keitt mango is ripe or not since it is resistible to any color change. Only by touching a Keitt mango will let you know whether the fruit is ready to consume or not.

Keitt Mango Taste

After discussing the size of a Keitt mango just above, another aspect important to mention is, what does a Keitt mango taste like? What makes it distinguishable from other kinds of mangoes in terms of taste?

A Keitt mango has a very thin-sized seed with no fiber present within. However, there is orange-yellow smooth edible pulp present inside. In contrast to various other mangoes grown, a Keitt mango is allowed to be left attached to the tree for a longer duration consequently, producing a sweeter taste similar to that of honey and lemon.

Keitt Mango Calories

An ordinary mango is free from fat, sodium, or cholesterol. However, the composition of a Keitt mango is a bit different in the way that this mango though may be free of fat or cholesterol; however, it contains 3 milligrams of sodium for a single serving.

From resources, it is known that a single cup of Keitt mango contains approximately 107 calories. Not only is this mango enriched with calories but also with a wholesome combination of carbs, vitamins, and minerals. As per a single cup of fruit, it contains 28 grams of carbs, 1 gram of proteins, 20 mg of calcium, 1 mg of iron, and 68.4 mg of Vitamin C, and up to some extent Vitamin A.

Keitt Mango Benefits

The final thing important to mention in this piece of writing are the benefits which this big-size delicious Keitt mango offers.

From nutritional regard, a Keitt mango is considered to contain adequate amounts of Vitamins such as A, C, E, and K, Minerals like Copper, Zinc, and Magnesium. These in turn give a boost to immunity; improve the eye, heart, skin, and hair.

From an eating point of view, it can be made part of fruits, salads, purees, smoothies, baking items such as scones and muffins. Not only that but a Keitt mango may also be accompanied with a variety of savory dishes or paired up with numerous stone fruits and citrus berries etc.

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