Advion roach bait gel reviews, label, instructions, application

| October 7, 2020

In terminating roaches, gel baits play a vital role as the active ingredients in them kill the cockroaches instantly. Among these gel baits, “Advion roach gel bait” is considered as one of the renowned and best gel baits. The active ingredient in this efficient pesticide kills a large population of roaches in a short span of time. So, if you are thinking of buying this product, give this article a good go through to get detailed information about this pesticide product.

What is Advion roach bait gel? 

 Gel bait is an insecticide product that is formed by mixing specs of food or other attractants with an active ingredient. In 2006, a new pesticide product was invented, named “Advion roach gel bait,” which is a well-functioning bait that kills the most common species of cockroaches such as German, Oriental, American, Australian, and Smoky brown cockroaches. Once the roach eats this bait, the active ingredient in it starts to react with the enzymes of a cockroach and kills it immediately. Cockroaches are unable to resist this combination of food and active ingredients due to which the large populations are controlled rapidly of these nasty pests.

Advion roach bait gel reviews, label, instructions, application

Advion roach bait gel reviews

People are super satisfied with the working of this gel bait as it is effective, and dozens of roaches eliminate at once. Most people have rated 5 out of 5 stars in the rating section of this product. Also, they have confidently recommended this product to those who have been asking about this product. 

Advion roach gel bait label

Before using any product, it is necessary to read the label on that product first. The label on this product includes some precautionary statements as follows

● Avoid the contact of this gel bait with your eyes, skin, and clothes. If accidentally you’ve contacted this gel, wash that particular area with soap and water to remove its effect.

● Do not apply this gel directly to water or those surfaces and areas where water is present.

● Do not use this gel bait in or on any electrical appliances where there is a possibility of shock hazard.

● Keep this gel out of the reach of children and do not treat those areas with this bait that is easily accessible to children and pets.

● Keep this pesticide product in a cool and dry place.

● Make sure to dispose of all the waste material resulting from the use of this pesticide product.

The label also says that we can use this roach gel bait in food sites, commercial areas, residential areas, institutional areas, industrial areas, and transportation equipment. The net weight of this product mentioned on the label is 4×1.06 fluid ounces (30g) syringes.

Advion roach gel bait instructions and application

Well, terminating roaches is quite a difficult task, especially when you do not have proper supplies to kill a large population of these dirty pests. As soon as you have kicked the roaches out, a whole new army of these nasty pests appears to take the place of the previous ones because they are tough and breed rapidly. 

But now life has been made easier with this super effective gel bait. Once you have bought this gel bait, all you have to do is before applying this bait to a particular area, make sure you have cleaned that place thoroughly. Now with the help of a syringe or bait gel gun, apply small dots of bait gel into cracks and fissures. These dots should be equal to the size of a pea or bead. For the large population of cockroaches, apply 3-5 spots of bait, and for a small number of cockroaches, apply 1-3 dots.

Make sure that you do not put this gel bait in the form of long lines or large dots, as roaches have tiny mouths so they will avoid such large applications. Apply this gel to those areas where roaches usually hide like cabinets, underdrawers, under appliances, under furniture, areas where cabinet and countertop meets and also in between them, near garbage collection areas, attics, behind toilets, and where pipes meet walls. We can also use this gel bait outdoors and to all those places where roaches appear mostly. Be careful not to apply this gel bait to the areas with high heat or steam such as ovens etc. Also, avoid injecting this gel on those surfaces where it will be exposed to air to stop this gel from drying out. 

Once the roach consumes the bait, it then returns to its colony and spreads that bait to its other fellow roaches before it dies. The roach affected by this gel can kill up to 54 additional cockroaches. Cockroaches will continue to be attracted to this gel for up to three months. Re-apply the gel to that place from where the roach has fully consumed the gel.

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