Silver Spotted Tiger Moth Caterpillar Sting, Poison, Diet, Life Cycle

The silver-spotted tiger moth (Lophocampa argentata) is a defoliating caterpillar belonging to the group of moths, including the hummock moth and the black and orange caterpillars commonly referred to as “woolly bears.” Silver-spotted tiger moth caterpillars are active during the fall and winter seasons. They begin their feeding in autumn and will resume their feeding after winters in… Read More »

Olea Wilsonii Characteristics, Size, Growth Rate, Care

Olea wilsonii trees are popular and easy to grow shady evergreen trees. The beauty of this fruitless tree perfectly complements many landscapes. This variety of bare trees comes from the Manzanillo variety. Once rooted, it is drought tolerant and also resistant to fire and disease. They are multi-stemmed trees and are very impressive. Strength and adaptability allow Olea… Read More »

Mimulus aurantiacus Characteristics, Size, Seeds, Care

In spring, in the coastal thickets of sage and chaparral, bright bushes of the monkeyflower (Mimulus aurantiacus) bloom. Colors range from salmon, orange, and bronze to deep red. The monkey shrub has an unusual adaptation to promote pollination. Before fertilization, the stigma is open and looks like a white lobed plate. When combed by insects, the petals are… Read More »