Best Gypsy Moth Control Methods

Learn all about best gypsy moth control methods. The European Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar) is an invasive forest pest that was introduced accidentally in the United States in 1869. Since then, the Gypsy Moth has expanded its range over much of the eastern United States and Canada. It was first detected in Ontario in 1969 and has quickly… Read More »

Lawn Shrimp Infestation, Control, Harmful, Treatment, Bite

Learn all about lawn shrimp infestation, control, harmful, treatment and bite. The 3/8 inch long, flattened, reddish brown, shrimp shaped critters were Arcitalitrus sylvaticus, AKA Lawn shrimp. These creatures are actually a land-dwelling crustacean relative of shrimp and crabs. Lawn shrimp populations are often associated with eucalyptus, ivy, and damp areas with extensive ground cover. According to the… Read More »

Woodlouse Spider vs Brown Recluse, Which is more Poisonous?

Learn all about woodlouse spider and brown recluse spiders bite and all about their poison. Woodlouse has six eyes, a dark-red body and a yellow-brown abdomen. The colourful spider got its name because it preys on woodlice. Woodlouse spiders, Dysdera crocata, are commonly found in homes and gardens throughout North America. Originating in Eastern Europe, they have spread… Read More »