How to get rid of Springtails in bedrooms

Learn how to get rid of springtails? The common name “springtail” is derived from the springtails’ ability to “spring” or “jump” away by snapping its tail-like structure against the ground when frightened. Springtails get their names from a fork-shaped little appendage at the end of their 1/16 to 1/8 inch long bodies called a furcula it’s like the… Read More »

Aptive Pest Control Reviews and Complaints

Learn all about the Aptive pest control company and customer reviews and complaints. The name Aptive comes from combining words in the phrase “proactive approach” which is what Aptive strives to provide as part of what Royce calls “the smarter approach to pest control.” In just one year’s time, the Provo, Utah-based firm opened 29 offices, generating more… Read More »

How to make a gnat trap naturally

Learn how to make a gnat trap naturally? Gnats are often known as “nats” or “knats“. Gnats are small sized flies ranging in size from 1/8″ to 1/10″ in length. They have two wings and in terms of appearance they resemble more to a mosquito than to a fly. A few stray gnats can quickly explode into a… Read More »

How to get rid of booklice naturally

Learn how to get rid of booklice naturally? Psocoptera are an order of insects that are commonly known as booklice, barklice or bark flies. They first appeared in the Permian period, 295–248 million years ago. The species known as booklice received their common name because they are commonly found amongst old books they feed upon the paste used… Read More »