Shredded Redwood Mulch Pros and Cons

| June 3, 2022

Redwood mulch is a natural, enduring material that both professional gardeners and homeowners love for creating attractive garden settings and flower beds. Mulch is a fantastic choice for most landscapers because of its organic texture and soothing aroma.

The organic type of mulch in which the soil is covered with the shredded redwood bark is known as the shredded redwood mulch. It is best known for replicating the natural decomposition and mulching process. Redwood mulch, for example, prevents soil erosion, regulates soil temperatures, inhibits weed development, and conserves moisture. Redwood is an excellent choice since it resists ant infestations and termites and lasts longer than other wood mulches due to its natural insect repellent and rot-resistant characteristics. 

The bark of Redwood is processed using massive customized machinery that ensures that all bark products are of the same size and color. These processed Redwood bark is used to block sunlight and is spread on the soil. This covering on the soil helps to keep it hydrated while also preventing the growth of undesired weeds. This adaptable bark, which functions as a natural mulch, can be utilized to preserve, beautify, and add new style to the existing vegetable and ornamental gardens.

Shredded Redwood Mulch is also known as “Gorilla Hair Mulch”. The Western red cedars and barks of redwood are finely shredded to create gorilla hair mulch. The result is a coarse, fibrous mulch that looks a lot like gorilla hair. 

The organic way of mulching is commercialized by the gardeners. Due to this, a lot of scrap red cedar and redwood do not go to waste. These woods are utilized to enhance the beauty of the landscape.

The redwood mulching should be done properly, with certain considerations. Redwood mulch that has been improperly managed can contain harmful chemicals that can destroy plants. These harmful chemicals occur when mulch piles sit in landscape yards without access to oxygen. This situation can be avoided by purchasing mulch that is allowed to air and weather out. 

Shredded Redwood Mulch Pros

Shredded Redwood Mulch Pros

The following are some of the advantages of Shredded Redwood Mulch:

Prevention of Pests and Weeds: 

The major goal of mulching is to keep the soil free from weeds and pests. Because of its nature, Shredded Redwood Mulch is ideal for this property. It generates a surface that looks like a mat. This surface is dense and thick enough to block the passage of sunlight. This prevents weed seeds from germinating and, as a result, keeps the environment weed-free.


Unlike certain mulches, which wander around with the direction of the wind.  Shredded Redwood Mulch stays where it is placed. It lays down and joins together to make a strong structure that cannot be moved. In a steep place where other mulches tend to fall down the slope, this is a good alternative.

Easy to Manage

Shredded Redwood Mulch installation is not a tough process that necessitates time-consuming preparations. A mat of jute is used to make the mulching process faster. Shredded Redwood Mulch covers the soil and grows dense. Due to this, it is advisable to check the soil beneath it regularly to make sure it is getting enough water. This is a smart technique to avoid weed growth and ensure that the mulch does its job properly.

Aids in Water Retention:

Shredded Redwood Mulch helps the soil retain water by preventing evaporation. Roots are protected from sunlight by the mat, which is a highly desired attribute in locations with a dry season. As a result, the mulch is an ideal option for use in these areas.

Highly Durable

 Shredded Redwood Mulch is a synthetic fiber that lasts long time and decomposes slowly. This is one of the main reasons why it is so popular in commercial settings. It decomposes, releasing nitrogen and other elements that benefit plant growth. Since perennial plants do not require an annual bed, this mulch is ideal for them.

Unique Appearance

The shredded redwood mulch has a unique appearance and texture due to its hairy appearance. The mulch comes in two rich colors which are black and brownish-red. These colors give an appealing look to the garden.

Shredded Redwood Mulch Cons

  1. Mulch made from shredded redwood is naturally fibrous. This implies that animals such as dogs and goats may feed on the mulch. Even if the mulch is not dangerous on its own, it could cause them to choke. The health of the dogs could be affected by this mulch.
  2. It is an explosive mulch that should not be utilized in places where there is a risk of flames, fires, or cigarette smoke.
  3. The shredded redwood mulch’s mat-like shape is both a benefit and a disadvantage. If the mulch is excessively thick, it forms a dense layer that blocks water from reaching the soil. This could contradict the objective of mulch application and have an impact on its performance.

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