Areca Palm Benefits, Propagation, Seeds, Fertilizer, Price

| September 13, 2021

The botanical name of the areca palm is Dypsis Lutescens. This plant species was falling under the category of endangered plants long before. These attractive and clumping plants are most likely to be seen along the road or any street, where the climate is warm. Bamboo palm or areca palm has a great attraction.

They have an uncanny resemblance with the bamboos, hence, it is also known as bamboo palm. The golden trunks of the palm are smooth. Like bamboo leaves, their fronds are full. The best use of the areca palm, when grown outdoors, is to use it as a privacy screen. Areca palms are also famous and look beautiful when grown in the house. 

The best season for planting the areca palm is spring. The growth rate of the plant ranges from slow to moderate. An essential tip is that when the soil starts to dry, you need to water it. Remember! Healthy plants are the result of great care and affection as they are like kids.

Areca Palm Benefits, Propagation, Seeds, Fertilizer, Price

Areca Palm Benefits

There are numerous benefits of the areca palm. This tropical foliage plant can easily be grown inside houses. To have a better understanding we have listed the top benefits of this plant. Keep reading and scrolling down the page.

  • Improves Air Humidity

Areca palm will purify the quality of the air. Wrinkles or fine lines, respiratory ailments like asthma are the results of inhaling unpurified air. Growing areca palms can help to purify and filter the air.

  • Easy To Care

This low-maintenance plant does not require a lot of care except for the water occasionally. Although, the only requirement of areca palm is light. Areca palms do not grow in the dark. Moreover, the size of the plant can be easily controlled.

  • Emits more oxygen

The leaves of the areca palm have more surface area. This means that they can emit more oxygen. Areca palm is the best plant to consider if you are willing to increase the oxygen level indoors.

  • Indoor Air Pollutants Are Absorbed

Growing areca palms indoors or outdoors can help to create a pollution-free environment. It helps to break down dangerous compounds like toluene and acetone.

  • Safe for pets

Many houseplants are not safe for pets and children but areca palm is not one of them. This plant is strictly non-toxic making it a safe and decorative choice for you.

Areca Palm Propagation

Do you have an open and empty living room? If you are thinking of giving a lush green look in the corner, then consider growing an areca palm. There are two methods to propagate areca palm. One is through seed while the other is through division in sections. The seed process will take too long to germinate and grow into a plant.

It can be daunting to propagate areca palm through division as there is always a fear that the plant will get damaged. We will guide you on how to propagate the plant safely without causing any harm.

  • The plant should be mature for propagation
  • The stems of the plant are divided into sections. But watering the soil before is equally important. This will help with the separation of roots.
  • You need to be careful when you take the areca palm out of the pot, tapping slightly and shaking the soil.
  • Once the plant is out and the excess soil is dusted off. 4-5 stems should be divided
  • Then cut it with a sharp knife, preserving the roots.
  • Place it in the pot back and water the plant regularly for a few days. 

Areca Palm Seeds

Areca palm propagation through seeds is a different process. Approximately 50 seeds are needed for the propagation. Hot sulfuric acid is used to soak the seeds for 10 weeks. The germination of seeds occurs within 6 weeks. This is an estimated time frame. Fresh seed should be barely visible.

80-85 degrees Fahrenheit is the normal germination temperature of this plant. The germination rate will increase if the temperature drops down. If the seeds are stored at a low temperature then it will have negative effects on the growing plant. Even low humid areas are not suitable.

If the seeds are planted, cleaning is not required immediately. The storage of seeds is possible, if you clean and dry the yellow ripe seed and store it in an airtight jar. 

Areca Palm Fertilizer

The best way to select the fertilizer for areca palm is to look for the fertilizers used for the palms. Many brands sell the best fertilizer used for palm trees. 8-2-12 mix fertilizer should opt if you get confused in the nursery. Slow-release granular fertilizer would be the best choice.

Compost and manure fertilizer would be a good choice if you want to go for organic fertilizers. If you want to avoid the adverse effects on the plant then make sure that the fertilizer is properly fermented. This will protect the growth of the areca palm.

Fertilization is extremely important if the plant is grown indoors. The main reason is the limitation of the roots in a single pot. In this case, commercial fertilizers should opt.

Areca Palm Price

The price of the areca palm varies with the size of the plant. The fully grown plants are more expensive as compared to the small ones. The price will range between $20 to $300. Some companies will require shipment charges and will deliver at your doorstep.

The best thing is that you don’t have to visit a nursery. As all the required materials like fertilizers can be provided at the comfort of your home. Some plants come with a 6 month or 1-year warranty. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order areca palm for your home to enjoy plenty of benefits.

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