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Showtime Crabapple vs Prairie Fire Pros and Cons, Growth Rate, and Care

Malus “prairie fire” or Prairie Fire Crabapple is a beautiful tree that blooms in the spring with masses of vibrant pink, nearly red flowers. The tree’s fruit attracts numerous species of birds and other wildlife, and its leaves change to vibrant shades of purple, orange, and red in the autumn. This crabapple flourishes in small spaces and possesses several outstanding… Read More »

Chinese fringe tree vs American fringe tree

The fringe tree is a deciduous decorative tree with spring flowers that is still far from the level of popularity enjoyed by more widespread species such as dogwoods, magnolias, and blooming cherries. The fragrant, light, hanging clusters of white petals that resemble fringe give rise to the name “fringe tree.”  The Chinese and American varieties of this tree produce flower clusters… Read More »

Marmo Maple vs Autumn Blaze Pros and Cons

Marmo Maple vs Autumn Blaze  The Autumn Blaze maple tree is a stunning decorative tree that is highly regarded for its vibrant orange and crimson foliage in the fall. Autumn Blaze maples are deciduous trees with appealing upward branching, rounded canopies, and strongly lobed maple leaves. This Autumn Blaze maple (Acer x freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’) is an ornamental… Read More »

Marmo Maple Pros and Cons, Care, Problems

The Marmo Maple also named Acer x freemanii is a hybrid specie. The silver maple and the red maple were chosen for their growth rate, habit, and autumn color. ‘Marmo’ is a columnar tree with orange-to-yellow autumn foliage. Marmo is a fast-growing Freeman Maple with an oval to vase-shaped crown. The Morton Arboretum built it for the local… Read More »

Nightglow Diervilla Size, Care, Pruning, Bloom Time

The night glow Diervilla, also called Diervilla splendens El Madrigal nightglow, is an easy-to-grow shrub that grows well in many different places. It is renowned for its vibrant, bright yellow flowers and dark, deep burgundy foliage. Diervilla Splendens is a cultivated hybrid bush honeysuckle produced by crossing D. sessilifolia with D. lonicera. This deciduous shrub reaches a height… Read More »