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Pipevine Plant Growing, Care, Zone, Problems

This perennial plant is known as pipevine, Dutchman’s pipe, previously known as Aristolochia durior possesses large, heart-shaped leaves and looks like wild ginger. Aristolochia macrophylla is its scientific name, and it belongs to the birthwort family. It is sometimes referred to as green pipevine and green Dutchman’s pipe.  The pipevine is an eastern North American deciduous woody vine.… Read More »

Tuskegee Crape Myrtle Growth Rate, Size, Height, Problems, Care

Crape myrtle or Lagerstroemia is a genus of approximately 50 species of evergreen and deciduous shrubs and trees native to the Indian subcontinent, Northern Australia, Southeast Asia or other parts of Oceania. This species is cultivated in warmer climates all over the globe. These beautiful flowering plants serve both commercially and privately for ornamental purposes.  Tuskegee crape myrtle… Read More »