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Sierran Treefrog Care, Eggs, Diet

The Sierran Treefrog is a species of tiny frog that is mostly found in Western Montana in regions that provide the appropriate environment. The species can be extremely common in some places but is frequently heard but not seen. Only via genetic analysis, it is possible to differentiate this species from its close relative, the Pacific Tree Frog. … Read More »

Russet Mites Damage, Eggs, Treatment

Hemp and russet mites are two of the pests that growers face nowadays that are particularly destructive and challenging to eradicate. A great number of species are host-specific and favor monocultural growth environments.  Russet mites are difficult to see and reproduce quickly, but they lack the distinct webbing that distinguishes them from spider mites. They are mites from… Read More »

Golden Buprestid Bite, Life cycle, Diet, Control

Golden Buprestid is a flat-headed borer. It is also known as Buprestis aurulenta Linnaeus. These species reside in North America. It burrows its way through places for its selfish purposes. The majority of this species’ beetles eat not just the leaves of numerous plant species, but also considerable amounts of timber from houses and trees.  Golden buprestid beetles,… Read More »

Fernbush Propagation, Seeds, Pruning, Care

Fernbush is also known by its scientific name Chamaebatiaria millefolium. It is the most valuable plant in the Southwest. The lengthy blooming season starts in mid-June and usually lasts until August. Fernbush has foliate buds, which give it the impression of being a perennial tree in the winter. The water requirement of these plants is very little once… Read More »

Wood nettle vs Stinging nettle Identification, Benefits, Recipes

Stinging and Wood nettles are mostly found in the backyards and woods. Both are delicious and healthy plants having certain nutritious benefits. Wood nettle is native to Eastern and Central North America while Stinging nettle is mostly found in Pacific Northwest. In American culture, stinging nettles occupy a more prominent position, although “prominent” is an exaggeration, as the… Read More »