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Golden Buprestid Bite, Life cycle, Diet, Control

Golden Buprestid is a flat-headed borer. It is also known as Buprestis aurulenta Linnaeus. These species reside in North America. It burrows its way through places for its selfish purposes. The majority of this species’ beetles eat not just the leaves of numerous plant species, but also considerable amounts of timber from houses and trees.  Golden buprestid beetles,… Read More »

Penncross Bentgrass Identifications, Seed, Uses, Maintenance

Pencross Bentgrass is known since 1955 by the scientific name “Agrostis stolonifera”. It comes from a family of Poaceae. Penncross is creeping bentgrass that Penn State University introduced. Penncross’ vitality and damage tolerance have made it the most extensively utilized creeping bentgrass in the golf industry.  Penncross has a dark green turf that has good heat and cold… Read More »

kikuyu grass Types, Maintenance, Problems, Seeds, Care

Pennisetum clandestinum is familiar with various common names, most often Kikuyu grass. It is a tropical grass species originating from Eastern South Africa. Due to its rapid growth, and hostile nature, it is a harmful and damaging weed in some regions. However, it is quite famous as a grass lawn in Australia, America, especially in some California, South… Read More »