Coleonema sunset gold Size, Growth Rate, Care, Pruning

| May 1, 2021

While walking along the garden path in early spring, you can touch the flowers and branches of your Coleonema sunset gold, which is the same as the Breath of heaven, releasing its fragrance into the breeze. The tiny dull pink flowers bloom in late winter, often remaining until spring and summer. This South African native thrives in the Mediterranean climates of USDA Plant Resilience Zones 8 and 9. After establishing drought tolerance, it is often used along garden paths. It is also used to decorate many places where it is required to make the atmosphere and that environment beautiful and pleasant. It is easy to clean. Coleonema sunset gold (Breath of Heaven) requires a little trimming to maintain its natural slender shape. The tips of the branches of “Pink Breath of Heaven” are trimmed lightly immediately after flowering, in late spring and early summer. Like most shrubs that bloom in spring, its flowers develop in summer and fall on new growths. Avoid trimming old wood. The bush does not give new shoots from old, woody branches.

Coleonema sunset gold Size

Coleonema Sunset Gold- This sprawling evergreen shrub grows up to 2 feet tall and reaches 4-6 feet wide it means its length is shorter than its width. It has needle-like yellowish-green foliage and pale pink flowers that appear from winter to spring. Plant in light shade with good drainage and water occasionally. In my opinion, it doesn’t grow well in heavy soils, although it is recommended to place this plant where there is good drainage. It is resistant to temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit and tolerates windy coastal conditions well. A great plant to contrast with other colors and foliage textures.

Coleonema sunset gold Size, Growth Rate, Care, Pruning

Coleonema sunset gold Growth Rate

They grow moderately fertile, moist, but easily drained, neutral to acidic soil in full sun and shelter. It grows under glass in lime-free (heather) compost in full light and low humidity in cold areas. Water them moderately and also apply a balanced liquid fertilizer from spring to fall; Water sparingly in winter Seed propagation – sow seeds to the surface at a temperature of 13-16 ° C in spring or propagate semi-ripe cuttings in summer with low heat.

It would help grow these plants because it provides you a much more pleasant eye view and a great and full scent smell. In these environments, you may enjoy a grateful time, and your mind will work quicker as nature will help you improve your mental health and eye view. You will become a very good human if you evolve in this natural view with a beautiful flower and a great yummy texture smell to improve your brain age.

Coleonema sunset gold Care

The golden Breath of heaven is the same bold or subtle garden accent. Its soft texture and low, sprawling silhouette fill the planting space, complementing plants and gardens of all types. The bright greenish-yellow foliage is especially prominent – a slight glint that quickly catches the eye. Soft, heather-like stems blow easily in the wind, capturing and reflecting any light and freely branching shrub, erect, spreading with thin, narrow, bright yellow-green leaves 2-4 cm long. From late spring to summer, white flowers are about 1 cm in diameter—pruning group 10 after flowering. You can use herbicides and pesticides to prevent any natural damage caused by many Pests, because as we now know that it is a very eye-catching plant. Hence, as humans attract to it, many insects and pests also attract to it to take their beneficial nutrition and cause them harm and also cause Diseases like late blight root rot can be a problem.

Coleonema sunset gold Pruning

A Coleonema sunset gold can be prune at the end of summer is often used to slightly reduce the bush’s size and maintain its natural slender shape. It would be best to plant a shrub at least 2 feet from the trail to adapt to a mature shrub. The “pink breath of heaven” grows to 6 feet high and 5 feet wide. Sometimes you may need to remove broken branches or thin out older woody branches. Using the pruning shears, penetrate the bush and cut off the branches at the stem, just behind the collar. Cutting the stem and forming long, unattractive stumps should be avoided. Unlike many shrubs, “Pink Breath of Heaven” does not lend itself well to anti-aging pruning. Trimming the stem to the ground or cutting off old branches abruptly can result in a mass of bare branches with few leaves and flowers at the tips. If a smaller shrub is desired, replacing the shrub with a smaller variety is better than vigorous pruning.

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