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Our Pest Control specializes in rodents such as rats, gophers, squirrels, and offers general pest control for ants, spiders and larger animals like raccoon and skunks that infest Big Bear homes and businesses. These pests range from a nuisance to a health hazard. We are here to help with most pest control issues for both residential and commercial building including restaurants, hotels, lodges and more.  We perform pest control in Big Bear Lake, Big Bear City, Baldwin Lake, Running Springs, and Arrowbear.  Call us for reliable service and fair pricing for Big Bear Pest Control.

Get Rid of Rodents

 We are a specialized company focused on rodent control.  Non poison techniques that are available have been developed for rats, gophers, moles, squirrels and larger animals like raccoon and opossum.  Using no poison keeps your family and pets safe.  Our techniques can quickly and effectively control rodents on your property.  Call our office today to find out how we can help with your rodent removal job.

Get Rid of Gophers

Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead Gopher

Pocket Gopher

Gophers are the hardest rodent for homeowners to taker care of on their own.  Homeowners find out poisons do not work, traps are hard to figure out and running water down the hole just wastes water.  Our normal gopher control methods do not use any poison and is pet safe.  The pet safe method involves using gopher traps and carbon monoxide gas treatments.  Traps are placed into the tunnels where the gopher will run into them.  The carbon monoxide gas is injected into the tunnel and pushes out available oxygen.  Both methods are proven gopher removal techniques devolved and used by us on residential and commercial properties as well as schools, parks and golf courses.  Please go to our gopher extermination page for more information.

Get Rid of Moles

Mole Removal

Trapped Mole

Moles dig in the dirt similar to gophers.  Their tunnels can be seen from the surface unlike gophers who only pop up mounds with no visible tunnel.  Moles are not rodents and are harder to control than gophers and rats.  They make long tunnels in search for food.  They eat bugs like worms, ants, grubs or other insects they find in their tunnel system.  Mole are rarely seen outside of their tunnels.  Our Pest Control treatments for moles can include trapping, bait and carbon monoxide.  For more information see our page about mole removal.

Get Rid of Squirrels

Ground Squirrel like in Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, Crestline or Running Springs

Ground Squirrel

We deal with both tree and ground squirrels.  Ground squirrel control is normally done with trapping and carbon monoxide gas.  The traps are placed outside near the squirrels burrow in the ground.  The squirrels are lured into the traps using bait.  After squirrels are trapped they are removed off the property.  The carbon monoxide gas is injected into the burrow which suffocates any squirrel in the burrow at time of treatment.

Tree squirrels do not burrow in the ground.  Therefore carbon monoxide is not used on them.  Instead traps are placed for the squirrels to go inside of.  We use a combination of live and lethal traps for tree squirrels.  Please note there are two kinds of tree squirrels in the Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead areas.  One is a grey squirrel and the other is redish brown squirrel.  The grey squirrel is protected and requires a depredation permit from the state to remove.  The redish brown, aka Eastern Fox Squirrel, is a pest and can be dealt with without a permit.  Please see our squirrel control page for more information.

Live Animal Trapping

Raccoon Trapping

Raccoon in Big Bear Lake, Lake Arrowhead, Crestline or Running Springs

We have licensed trappers to take care of larger pests like raccoon, skunks, squirrels and opossum.  These pests require a nuisance wildlife trapping license from the Department of Fish and Game.  Owners have this license as well as the technicians who trap these animals.  Traps are placed onto the property near the damage or entry points the animals are using.  Traps are required to be checked once per day.  To keep cost down, property owners will normally check these and call when an animal is trapped.  Please see our live animal trapping page for more information.