king Stropharia Growing, Identification, Taste, Spores

There are various forms of life existing on this planet. These forms differ from each other in several aspects. Out of those many forms produced, fungi are also the one.  The fungi are distinguishable from plants or animals since their mode of nutrition is entirely different; they feed by absorption. There are many examples of organisms coming under… Read More »

Triumph Elm Tree Growth Rate, Problems, Reviews, Size

Triumph elm plant or Morton glossy is an addition to the trees which may be planted on walkways, yards, or commercial landscapes. Not only the looks of these plants are elegant, but they also resistant to pest diseases. The survival percentage of this tree is 86% even after the passage of 10 years, as studied at Colorado University.… Read More »

Keitt Mango Size, Taste, Calories, Benefits

Mangoes have been referred to as the “King of Fruits” and enjoyed all around the globe. There are various kinds of mangoes available including, Alphonso, Carabao, Sindhri, Haden, etc. Out of these kinds are the Keitt mangoes which have gained popularity among regions of California, Coachella Valley, and more particularly in Florida from where they originated. It was… Read More »

Lemon Gem Marigold Uses, Care, Size, Seeds

Lemon gem marigold has lemon-yellow flowers that have a bold color. The flower type is daisies. The flowers grow at the end of the stems of the plant. The season in which lemon gem marigold grows is between spring to summer. You can cut the flowers easily and they will not lose their color. The ferny leaves of… Read More »

Benzimidazole Wormer for goat Uses, Mechanism, Dose

The chemical class benzimidazole has broad anthelmintic properties. The particular use of benzimidazole in livestock and goats is to eliminate parasitic worms. Moreover, few veterinary benzimidazole medicines are used for humans as well. Parasitic helminths of the plants are also controlled by benzimidazole. In the 1960s the first generation of benzimidazoles was discovered for the effective treatment of… Read More »

Conk Mushroom Identification, Uses, Types

Conks are also called shelf fungi or bracket fungi. They belong to the kingdom “Fungi,” which incorporates different mushrooms, fungi, and yeast. Conks are the spore-producing fruiting structures of a fungus. They are seen growing on tree trunks and branches, ends, and fallen tree logs.  Fungus is composed of the mycelium, which is the central part of the… Read More »

Acacia Cognata Limelight Growth Rate, Problems, Care, Pest & Diseases

Wattles are very well-known and commonly seen semi-deciduous trees that grow almost everywhere in Australia. Wattles, or Acacias, are Australia’s largest flora genus, owing to their incredible ability to resist harsh conditions. Despite severe winds, droughts, wildfires, and flooding, these hardy and tough inhabitants can thrive. They’re also great feature plants. Thanks to their dense, evergreen foliage. Acacia… Read More »

Widow Skimmer Dragonfly Male & Female Identification, Lifecycle, Control

Dragonflies are undoubtedly one of nature’s design classics, with a perfectly adapted body plan and behavior repertoire. Dragonflies’ survival depends on the balance of an ecological niche they occupy. Dragonflies are inextricably linked to freshwater ecosystems. The strategies and adaptations that dragonflies employ teach them how to survive in this environment and help them thrive. For most of… Read More »